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Course Overview
The CBP™ Leadership Certification equips the business professional with the skills and characteristics required for effective leadership. Effective leadership skills are in demand in every aspect of business and are recognized as an indispensable element for corporate success. 
The CBP™ Leadership certification course covers all of the essentials of today’s leaders.  This is a hands-on and interactive course that uses real life scenarios to develop practical leadership skills. 

This course prepares candidates to sit the Certified Business Professional exam - C10-506  
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Target Audience
This course is recommended for business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and other professionals in positions of leadership.  
Course Prerequisites
This course is designed for the student who has little or no experience. 
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Effective Leadership 
    Leadership Defined 
    The Definition of A Leader 
    The Definition of A Follower 
    Effective Leadership 
    Skill, A Developed Talent or Ability 
    Responsibilities of A Leader 
    Developing a Vision 
    Developing a Mission and Goals 
    Working Towards Achieving Goals and Objectives 
    Building A Cohesive Team 
    Identifying and Meeting Team Needs 
    Measuring Team Performance 
    Holding Team Members Accountable 
    Motivating Team Members 
    Leadership Potential 
    Everyone Can Be A Leader 
    Circumstances make and Shape Leaders 
    Leaders Embrace Responsibility 
    What do you need to be an effective leader? 
    Clear Goals 
    Leadership vs. Management 
    Leaders Lead and Manage 
Module 2: Choosing an Appropriate Leadership Style 
    The Transitionary Nature of Leadership 
    What Happens When the Major Goals Are Accomplished? 
    Situations May Change 
    Leadership Styles 
    Relational Support 
    Functional Support 
    The Follower 
    Situational Leadership 
Module 3: Developing a Vision & a Mission 
    Direction and Destination 
    Guidelines or Standards 
    Vision Plan 
    Mission plan 
    Guidelines for Developing A Mission Plan 
    Communication and Vision 
    Developing A Clear Vision 
    A Vision Culture 
Module 4: Effective Decision Making 
    Effective Decision Making 
    Establishing Criteria 
    Rating Criteria 
    Problem Identification & Analysis 
    Problem Resolution 
    A look at Problem Resolution 
    Problem Resolution 

 Module 5: Team Building for Leaders 
   Team Building 
   Group Vs. Team 
   Leading a Team of Leaders 
   Responsibilities of a team leader 
   Mission, Goals and Objectives 
   Team Member Selection Criteria 
   Communicate Team Member’s Responsibilities 
   Meeting Team Needs 
   Team Building Benefits 
   Collective Approach To Success And Failure 
   Team Selection 
   The Team member’s function 
   Identifying training needs 
   The Benefits Of Diversity 
   Team Communication 
   Clearly interpret goals 
   Motivating Teams Creating A Learning Environment 
– 4 Basic Needs 
   Coaching Teams 
   Definition of Coaching 
   Developing A Coaching Process 
   Develop A Coaching Process As A Leader    Where And Who Do You Want To Be? 
   Why is it important? 
   What Action Do You Take To Get There 
   Are You In Alignment 
   What Changes Need To Be Done To Stay In    Alignment 
   Be Supportive 
  A Continuous Process 
Module 6: Motivation  
    Motivation Defined 
    Move to Action 
    Desires and Needs 
    Encouraging Performance 
    Improving Morale