Courses Details
Course Overview
Triple play service packages based on GPON technology are becoming the most popular services currently being promoted by telecommunication service providers.  To meet the challenges of this new service delivery platform, engineers and technicians must develop their competences to meet this fast growing demand.  This course will provide the necessary understanding of the technology and more importantly provide the practical application of the hardware and the correct installation & testing procedures.  The course is highly practical and will provide the necessary knowledge and key competencies required to install and test outside plant components and customer premises equipment used to deliver GPON-FTTH services.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel involved in installation and testing of OSP and CPE for GPON
Course Prerequisites
Basic understanding of fiber optic cable splicing and termination
Expected Accomplishments
Describe GPON architecture, its components and their functions
Learn Occupational safety
Learn to lay, splice and terminate fiber optical cables in the  drop closure 
Learn to terminate fiber to different type of FDHs
Install and test GPON related terminals equipments
Calculate optical power budget
Install and configure GPON Customer premises equipments 
Learn to use test equipments
Learn testing, recording test log reports and troubleshooting
Course Outline
Introduction to GPON 
GPON network
The advantages

Fibre optics
Fibre technology 
Fibre optic cables
Cable codes and standards
Selecting optical fiber cables

Health & Safety
Laser safety
Occupational safety
Operational procedures
Working underground tranches/manhole & overhead pols

Outside Plant (OSP) installation
Fiber cable laying
Distribution Fiber splicing and termination
Drop fiber laying, Splicing and Termination
Fiber closures
Fixing FDH (Fiber Distribution Hubs) outdoor, indoor and wall mount
Assembling FDH modules 
Drop terminals
Fast connectors
Extended ODFs
Micro ODF
CAT cables

Network terminals
Introduction to OLT 
ONT termination
ODF terminations
FDHs termination
IADs, STB`s and internet routers

GPON test equipment
Fiber continuity tester 
Optical power meter
Light source
Live fiber identifier 

Testing and recording
Calculating Losses
Power budgeting
Pre-qualifying tests and reports
Post testing and recoding
Maintaining test log reports