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Course Overview
The leading FTTH technology being deployed today is Passive Optical Network technology or (PON) in short. FTTH is widely recognized as the optimal solution for providing broadband to the community.  This course is designed to provide both the knowledge base and required practical skills on how to lay, terminate, and install FTTH network components to the required level of quality and service provisioning.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
FTTH network supervisors, installers and maintenance technicians
Course Prerequisites
Basic knowledge in telecommunication networks
Expected Accomplishments
  • Gain knowledge in Gigabit Passive Optical Network architecture and its components
  • Know the occupational safety procedures 
  • Know how to survey, plan and estimate the FTTH network and its components.
  • Know how to calculate link budget and network losses.
  • Able to lay, draw and blow fiber cables.
  • Ability to splice and arrange fibers into closures 
  • Able to install network components, arrange and terminate fiber cables.
  • Able to fix FDHs, ODFs and other related equipments.
  • Be able to use FTTH/GPON test equipments.
  • Will conduct and record pre & post installation tests.
Course Outline
Introduction to FTTx
Other FTTx networks 
FTTH network
The advantages & limitations of FTTH

Health & safety
Personal safety
Handling of equipments 
Electrical considerations

Installation standards and procedures
Mechanical assembly
Trunking, conduits and ducting techniques
Cabling procedures
Termination procedures 

Fibre optics
Fibre technology 
Fibre optic cables
Drop fibres
Fiber optic cable laying And pulling techniques
Splicing and termination techniques
Joint closures and drop boxes
Diversity and non diversity networks 

Network terminals
Passive splitters
Extended ODF
Pre-wired FDH

OSP installation
Surveying cable routes
Estimating material requirements 
Fiber cables pulling, drawing and blowing

Structure cabling
CAT5e ,CAT6 and CAT7 cables
Inter and intra building backbones
RJ11, RJ45 terminations 

Customer premises installation
ONT/ONU installation
Fixing routers and wireless routers
Fixing IADs and POTS
Fixing STB

Testing and recording
Pre-testing optical network
Power loss
Power budgeting
Link characterization 
Post Test