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Course Overview
GPON technology is fast becoming the premier access technology for residential customers.  With fiber in the local loop new challenges emerge for service delivery, with customers demanding the highest level of service available.  This means that the engineers and technicians must be familiar with the technology being deployed and have hands-on experience & skills in maintaining & troubleshooting the FTTH/GPON OSP network & installed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel involved in maintaining OSP, CPE for GPON.
Course Prerequisites
Basic understanding of fiber optic cable splicing and termination.
Expected Accomplishments
Outline the GPON architecture, its components and describe the functionality
Know how to assess &  locate Faults in FTTH/GPON  Network
Ability to use GPON OSP related test equipment
Ability to reconfigure GPON CPE equipment 
Ability to test and troubleshoot FTTH GPON OSP network
Know how to provide services in an emergency
Ability to provide service diversity
Ability to restore services within minimum time

Course Outline
Introduction to GPON  network
Network equipments
Equipment functionality 

Assessing OSP ODN & CPE faults
Link fiber cable
Patch cord
Drop cables
Cat 5/6 cable

Test equipment
Optical power meter
Light source
Video scope
Live fiber identifier

Testing & troubleshooting in OSP network
dB loss measurement
Link characterization
Loss of signal
Intermittent faults

Link cable network diversity
Equipment diversity

Reconfiguring GPON OSP equipment
Internet wireless routers