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Course Overview
Structured cabling systems (SCS) are an integral part of modern enterprise businesses and are no longer the premise of the specialist engineer or technician.  The modern communication specialist needs to understand the basic architecture and the associated implementation and testing techniques of SCS just as much as he needs to understand any other network element. 

This is an entry level course designed to introduce the participants to the physical layer-1 installation standards and practices related to structured cabling systems.  The course material and practical activities are based around the ISO/IEC IS 11801 Ed 2 :2002 standard
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel from either a telecommunications or an electrical background
Course Prerequisites
Telecom or electrical background.
Expected Accomplishments
  • Competency to carry out copper cable installation in line with accepted ISO standards.
  • Ability to install and terminate cables to patch panels and telecom outlet hardware, using industry standard tools and to accepted industry standard quality.
  • Ability to effectively use cable analyzers to confirm continuity and the required performance criteria has been achieved during installation activities, prior to acceptance from the customer.
Course Outline
Introduction to structured cabling architecture.
Cabling media requirements.
Installation procedures and practices.
Cable distribution and termination.
Testing and fault finding procedures using industry standard cable analyzers.