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Course Overview
GPON is a high bandwidth shared fiber access technology that is used around the world for Fiber-to-the Home networks.  There are three main components in a GPON access network that include Optical Line Terminal, Optical Distribution Network and Optical Network Terminal of which, ONT is installed at the customer end.   This course covers in detail the installation, testing & maintenance aspects of ONT equipment and a comparative study of different ONTs currently deployed in the network.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Engineers and technicians involved in installation, operation and maintenance of ONT equipment
Course Prerequisites
Basic understanding of triple play services and exposure to data communication 
Expected Accomplishments
Describe GPON Service Provisioning & Architecture 
Describe the functionalities of ONT
Describe service functionalities
Configure Access Media Gateway functionality for VoIP 
Configure MGCP ports 
Carry out basic configuration and service configuration
Perform maintenance and troubleshooting

Course Outline
ONT Set-up
ONU/ONT types, Customer Applications, Managing ONT through CLI & GUI, ONT Profiles, Adding & Deleting ONT, OMCI Ranging

Services Overivew
Physical Ports- FE & GE Service Ports, TDM/E1 Service Port, POTS / ISDN Service Port, GEM-port Service Mapping and Testing of Services

Media Gateway Configuration
VoIP Protocols, MGCP parameters and testing of voice ports

Software/Data Handling
Upgrade ONT firmware, Backup & Restore ONT configuration data

ONT Maintenance
Alarm Information, Critical Events, Power Level Testing, Power Meter, Fault Analysis and Locating, Resetting ONU/ONT