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Course Overview
Operators throughout the world are upgrading their access networks to provide broadband services to residential and business customers by deploying optical fiber deeper in the access network to overcome the limitations of copper.  FTTH is a form of optical access network architecture in which the optical signal reaches the end user's living or office space. Etisalat is implementing FTTH by deploying GPON technology for providing a range of broadband multi-media services to its customers.  This course will provide basic understanding and create awareness of GPON-based services among sales personnel
Course Schedule
Target Audience

Sales and marketing personnel

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge and understanding of Telecom Networks& Services

Expected Accomplishments
Identify and list main GPON drivers
Summarize the basic concepts of GPON
Identify and list the services offered by GPON
Course Outline
Market dynamics
Fiber fundamentals
Passive optical network
PON models
PON technologies
GPON concept
GPON services
FTTH global market