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Course Overview
Telecom operators around the world have been deploying PON technology for upgrading or completely renewing their copper-centric legacy access networks for the delivery of broadband services.  A vast majority of PON systems being deployed these days are based on GPON technology.  PON systems continue to evolve to meet operator needs worldwide.  This course gives an overview of the evolution of GPON technologies and provides a good understanding of their concepts of operation and potential for deployment
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Telecommunications professionals involved in design, development, operation, maintenance, and strategy planning of optical access networks
Course Prerequisites
Basic knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of GPON-based optical access networks
Expected Accomplishments
Explain the need for advanced GPON
List the attributes of Advanced GPON
Describe the Enhancement Band Recommendations 
Explain GPON Reach Extension Technology
Describe Overlay GPON and 10G- GPON Technology

Course Outline
The need for FTTx
FTTx architectures and technologies
Overview of GPON
Requirements from advanced GPON access technologies

GPON Evolution
GPON reach extension
Enhancement band recommendation
Additions to ITU-T GPON recommendations
Advanced GPON attributes
Overlay GPON