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Target Audience
This course is designed for supervisors, managers, team and project leaders, and all individuals who need to adopt a more creative approach in life or at work, whether to solve problems, come up with new initiatives, initiate and introduce changes, or deal with personal or organizational issues in non-conventional ways.


This course provides a wide knowledge of how organizations use innovative thinking to leverage their business performance. It offers an understanding of different types of innovative thinking models and a clear and systematic approach to innovative thinking.

Throughout this course, learners will have the opportunity to practice using an innovative thinking model in the training and develop a plan for applying innovative thinking as a consistent process.

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

 1. Learn the tools and techniques which will encourage creativity and innovation. 
 2. Review how leading global businesses apply innovative thinking in their business operations.
 3. Consider how to apply innovative thinking tools and techniques to real opportunities, to deliver new business growth.
 4. Develop a plan to implement innovative thinking.

Course Outline
Day One:
- Introduction 
    • What is innovation?
    • Innovation applied
    • The opportunities and threats of the future economy

  - Understanding where our innovative thinking comes from - how the brain works

  - Industry examples of innovative thinking in action
    • Audio visual case studies and success stories of organizations which continue to lead in business innovation

Day Two:

  - Models for applying innovative thinking
    • A review of current innovative thinking models being applied to business 

  - Innovative thinking opportunities 
    • Apply consistent innovative thinking to working practices 

  - Agreeing next steps towards implementation of innovative thinking