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Course Overview
Women are experiencing uniquely different and unprecedented challenges, while they juggle a home life-work balance or make lifestyle choices that can have an indeterminate impact on their future and emotional wellbeing; or manage their business and personal relationships. 

In this current age of technology, no matter how high the IQ, there is no guarantee to success.  Evidence shows that those who can influence, think outside the box, create and deliver a vision for themselves and others are today’s winners. Having great ideas is only part of the challenge of getting products and services to market.  Knowing the impact of the idea on the business transaction is essential in a resource optimized world.  This entails making decisions based not only on the merit of the idea or initiative, but on the funding required to make it happen, the risks of following the idea through, the cost and opportunity cost of the capital deployed, legal impacts and the value created.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Women in supervisory and managerial positions
Course Prerequisites
Good communication skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Ability to apply new leadership skills and achieve more success both personally and professionally.
  • Contribute positively to move oneself and the organization forward.
  • Ability to inspire a team who collectively have the skills to succeed
  • Ability to share a vision.
  • To become an inspirational leader.
Course Outline
  • How to think and be more successful
  • A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across
  • Understanding the world around you
  • Interpersonal excellence – reading other people and understanding how others are thinking
  • Resolving conflicts - using perceptual positions to gain powerful insights into conflicts
  • Personal state management
  • How to set compelling goals that can be achieved 
  • Gaining instant rapport – the key to persuasion and influence
  • Asking clear questions that guide and enable others to become clear about their objectives
  • Empowering beliefs that will change experience and interaction with others.