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Course Overview
Customer expectations are changing while new technologies are giving people choices that were never dreamt of.  Service excellence is changing too. Happy customers are much easier to deal with than irate customers.  This course is designed for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company's image and make their own lives easier.  It will provide the skills to energize personnel, impress customers, enhance image, improve positive word-of-mouth, and increase repeat business. 
Course Schedule
Target Audience
All personnel dealing with customers
Course Prerequisites
Reasonable command of the English language
Expected Accomplishments
To be able to develop and implement appropriate skills to improve customer service quality.
Develop the customer service mindset
Understand customer needs and apply the learned skills to present products/services
Improve skills to communicate with customers in person and over the telephone
Coach other customer service personnel
Apply appropriate work ethics and values
Course Outline
The customer service mindset
Understanding customer needs, wants and expectations
Understanding unique customer service dimensions

What is proactive customer service?
Why do we need customer service?
Assess customer emotional needs
Effects of reactive and average service skills
Impact on company culture

Achieving customer service excellence vs. just meeting responsibilities 
Products / services knowledge
Understanding market sentiments
Customer culture and traditions
Dealing with internal customers
Customer satisfaction

Professional telephone techniques
How to answer the telephone with impact
Professional approach to incoming calls
Outgoing call management