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Course Overview
This 5 days course cover the advanced features of python programming
Course Schedule
Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to develop non-trivial and real life programs using Python for various application including System Applications, GUI Applications, Web Applications, Network Applications etc.

Course Prerequisites

Must have basic knowledge of Python. This is not ‘Introduction to Python’ course. Participants should be thorough with the syntax of Python and should be able to write basic Python programs using all the data types of Python.

Course Outline
Day 1: Object Oriented Python
Basic overview of Python and recap of Python Datatypes
Understanding Object Oriented Programming
Reusability : Functions Modules and Classes
Optimizing code using Functions and Modules
Class basics
Operator Overloading
Designing with Classes
Static and Class Methods

Day 2: System Programming
Understanding the sys and os modules
System Scripting
Files and Directories
Execution of Scripts
Threads using Python

Day 3: Networking and Web programming
Network programming
The Client Server model
Client side scripting
Server side scripting

Day 4: GUI Programming
Basics of GUI Programming
tkinter toolkit introduction
GUI Coding techniques
GUI Mini project

Day 5: Database programming and Web Frameworks
Database programming
Introduction to Web Frameworks
Introduction to Django