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Course Overview

In order to achieve the very highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction it is necessary to embed quality right across the organization, in everything it does and with all personnel.  This is the underlying philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM).  This course provides a comprehensive look at TQM, what it is, how it can be used in all organizations and what the benefits are.

Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals from all disciplines
Course Prerequisites
Good command of English and basic management skills
Expected Accomplishments
  • Understand the basic principles of TQM
  • Discuss the concept of TQM 
  • Identify areas for quality improvement
  • Apply the ideas of TQM to the organization 
  • Identify useful quality improvement techniques
  • Apply the tools and techniques of TQM
  • Improve the overall quality culture within the organization
Course Outline
  • The Quality definition 
  • Evolution of TQM
  • TQM principles
  • Recognizing and planning for organizational change
  • Business plan for TQM
  • TQM tools
  • ISO 9000 as the first step towards TQM
  • Introduction to international best practice in quality
  • Exploring quality circles
  • Benefits of TQM