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The Talent & Leadership Centre has been established as a premier enabler of leadership capability development within the MENA region, supporting organizations to achieve excellence and be prepared for the rapid changes at a global level and the specific challenges within the regional business environment.  


What we do:
We encourage leaders to set themself apart by challenging them to:
• Focus on and Anticipate the Future
• Create Value through Organizational Culture
• Build their Leadership Brand
• Empower Collective Leadership Capabilities


  How we support:
We help organizations find solutions using:
• Our high-impact, continuous learning model
• Non-traditional, innovative, customized & research-based approach
• Unique mix of "Leadership Journeys"
• Exclusive network of world-class alliance partners

  "The 2020 Executive Leadership SMART Journeys ™"
  • Leadership 2020 – Welcome to the Future ™
• The 2020 Workplace – Prepare Now ™
• The 2020 Smart City – The Future Ahead ™
• The 2020 Women Leadership Journey™-Spain
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